Thursday, 1 December 2011

Next week is a big week in admissions

Finally all the admin is done and everything is ready. There will be nearly 400 of you coming for interviews next week, that's more than  half of the total number of people we are interviewing in Cambridge this year. If you are coming for your interview next week, make sure you've had a good look at all the information available on both admissions web pages and try to leave plenty of time for your journey.
I hardly like to mention it but this time last year there was REALLY heavy snow in the north - let's hope this doesn't happen again until after the 15th December (when our interviews finish!)
We're really looking forward to meeting you all. If your first interview is NOT at Christ's, you don't need to come to Christ's first unless you want to. You can just go straight to wherever your first interview is located and then make your way to Christ's. There are good maps on the websites and Cambridge is very compact so nothing is very far away.
When you get to Christ's, call in at the Porters' Lodge; they will give you a College map and show you how to find your way around. They'll also give you information about our interviewees waiting room.
Wishing everybody all the best in your interviews!

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